Fitz Roy Winter Solo

During the past few years I have been lazy about writing on my blog. I think this is largely because I now share snippets of my climbing on social media, and after already writing about a climb on social media, even if only very succinctly, some of my motivation to write more deeply has dissipated. … Continue reading Fitz Roy Winter Solo

Chaltén 2020

It hasn't been long since I departed El Chaltén, but sitting in quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it already feels like a long time ago. I spent the entirety of January and February in El Chaltén (Argentine Patagonia), teamed up for the month of January with Fabian Buhl, and teamed up for the month … Continue reading Chaltén 2020

A Brief Visit to Patagonia, and Reflections on Hard Solo Climbing

I’m currently beginning the long journey back from El Chaltén, concluding my shortest-yet trip to Patagonia, and by far my least productive. I have by now made a total of 16 trips to El Chaltén, and the biggest, most stable window of good weather I’ve ever seen was during the past two weeks. However, August … Continue reading A Brief Visit to Patagonia, and Reflections on Hard Solo Climbing

Chalten 2017-2018 Photo Essay

On the Argentine side of the Patagonian Andes, the Chaltén Massif is a dense range of extremely steep mountains, famous for Cerro Torre and Chaltén itself (the native name for the peak also known as Fitz Roy). I have been coming to this mountain range on an annual basis since 2003, often for a three-month … Continue reading Chalten 2017-2018 Photo Essay

Patagonia 2016 – A Dud

[Editor's note: This was now written more than three weeks ago, on Dec. 31] I’m beginning to write this blog post on an airplane from El Calafate to Buenos Aires, on my way back to the northern hemisphere, after three weeks in the Chaltén Massif of Patagonia. I had planned for a big and hopefully … Continue reading Patagonia 2016 – A Dud

Hunger Games at Cerro San Lorenzo

After years of climbing exclusively in the Chalten Massif, I have finally exposed myself to another location in the Patagonian Andes. I spent most of November underneath Cerro San Lorenzo, Patagonia’s second-highest peak, with my longtime friend Rob Smith. While El Chalten becomes a bit more like Chamonix every year, the rest of the Patagonian … Continue reading Hunger Games at Cerro San Lorenzo

Cerro Pier Giorgio, First Complete Ascent

Last week the weather forecast showed one of the most promising windows of the 2013-2014 Chalten climbing season (which doesn't say much this year), and Rolo and I hiked into Niponino on the 22nd with ambitious plans. When we went to sleep it was snowing heavily, but we felt confident it would stop soon. When … Continue reading Cerro Pier Giorgio, First Complete Ascent

Cerro Madsen, Aguja de l’S and Cerro Domo Blanco

The 2013-2014 season in El Chalten continues to be a cold and stormy one. Since my arrival in mid November there hasn't been a single weather window that I would call "a good one," and the gnarliest summits, Cerro Torre and Torre Egger, have both yet to see a single ascent this season. However, at … Continue reading Cerro Madsen, Aguja de l’S and Cerro Domo Blanco

Winter, followed by Fall, followed by Spring…

Here's a somewhat late blog post, of the remainder of my time in Patagonian winter, and the journey back to the Salish Sea. While it was very cool to finally explore the Chalten Massif in wintertime, it wasn't a highly successful trip for me in terms of climbing accomplishments. I made two attempts on technical, … Continue reading Winter, followed by Fall, followed by Spring…